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    Total Cost: $120 Per Year (Paid Annually)
    Trial Period: $5 for 1 month

    Payment Terms:

    The subscription cost must be paid annually. The first month of your subscription is a trial period where you will only be charged $5. During the trial period, you will be given full access, benefits and support.

    If you are not satisfied with the program, you may cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. After the trial period has been completed, you will be charged $115 for the remaining 11 months of your membership.

    THIS IS NOT A MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING PROGRAM. No compensation will be provided for recruiting new members to the affiliate program. Earnings is based on product sales you generate through your affiliate links. 

    Membership Highlights:

    • No minimum sales required to keep membership active.
    • No recruitment required.
    • No face-to-face selling required.
    • No inventory to buy and store.
    • No previous experience needed.